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    Ductless mini split systems are an excellent solution for homes without existing ductwork or for those seeking efficient and flexible heating and cooling options. At R&T HVAC Inc., we specialize in providing top-notch ductless mini split systems, ensuring your home stays comfortable year-round. Our expert technicians are dedicated to delivering high-quality installation, maintenance, and repair services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a new installation, routine maintenance, or emergency repairs, we have the expertise to keep your system running smoothly.

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    At R&T HVAC Inc., we are dedicated to providing top-quality ductless mini split system services with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our experienced technicians use the latest tools and techniques to ensure your system is installed, maintained, and repaired to the highest standards. Trust us to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient year-round. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to excellence. Our customer-centric approach ensures that you receive personalized service tailored to your specific needs.

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    Ductless Mini Split System Services



    Proper installation is crucial for the performance and efficiency of your ductless mini split system. Our skilled technicians at R & T HVAC Inc. ensure that your system is installed correctly, using the latest techniques and high-quality materials. We assess your home’s layout and cooling/heating needs to recommend the best system for your space, ensuring maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

    Routine Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is key to keeping your ductless mini split system running efficiently. Our maintenance services include thorough inspections, cleaning, and tune-ups to prevent potential issues and extend the lifespan of your system. We check all components, ensuring optimal performance and reliability, so you can enjoy consistent comfort without unexpected breakdowns.


    When your ductless mini split system needs repair, you need prompt and reliable service. Our experienced technicians at R&T HVAC Inc. are equipped to handle all types of repairs, from minor fixes to major issues. We use advanced diagnostic tools to quickly identify and resolve problems, restoring your system to peak performance and ensuring your home stays comfortable.

    System Upgrades

    Upgrading your ductless mini split system can enhance your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. We offer expert advice and professional installation of system upgrades, including more efficient units and advanced features. Our goal is to provide you with the latest technologies that meet your needs and budget, improving your home’s heating and cooling performance.

    Performance Testing

    Regular performance testing ensures that your ductless mini split system operates at its best. Our performance testing services include detailed assessments of your system’s efficiency and effectiveness. We identify any issues affecting performance and provide recommendations for improvements, ensuring your system delivers optimal comfort and efficiency.

    Filter Replacement and Cleaning

    Keeping your filters clean and replaced is essential for maintaining good indoor air quality and system efficiency. We offer convenient filter replacement and cleaning services, ensuring that your filters are changed or cleaned on a regular schedule. Our technicians use the correct filters for your system, helping to maintain optimal performance and air quality.

    Leak Detection and Repair

    Leaks in your ductless mini split system can lead to reduced efficiency and higher energy bills. Our leak detection and repair services use advanced tools to identify and fix leaks in your system’s refrigerant lines. We ensure that your system is leak-free, maintaining its efficiency and performance.

    Thermostat Installation and Repair

    A properly functioning thermostat is vital for maintaining a comfortable home environment. We offer professional thermostat installation and repair services for your ductless mini split system. Whether you need a simple thermostat or a smart, programmable model, our experts ensure accurate temperature control and efficient system operation.

    System Recharging

    If your ductless mini split system is low on refrigerant, it may need recharging. Our system recharging services ensure that your system is filled with the right amount of refrigerant for optimal performance. We use high-quality refrigerants and precise charging techniques to restore your system’s efficiency and cooling capacity.

    Noise Reduction Solutions

    Excessive noise from your ductless mini split system can be disruptive. We offer noise reduction solutions, including soundproofing and equipment adjustments, to minimize noise levels. Our goal is to enhance your system’s comfort without the annoying sound of operation.

    Energy Efficiency Assessments

    Improving the energy efficiency of your ductless mini split system can lead to significant savings on your energy bills. Our energy efficiency assessments evaluate your system and home for potential improvements. We provide detailed reports and actionable recommendations to enhance your system’s efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs.

    Consultation and Recommendations

    Choosing the right ductless mini split system and services can be challenging. Our consultation and recommendation services provide expert guidance on the best solutions for your home. We assess your needs and recommend the most effective products and services, ensuring you get the best value and performance for your investment.

    Contact R&T HVAC Inc. at (614) 470-2595

    to enhance your home’s comfort with our professional ductless mini split system services!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do ductless mini-split systems work?

    Ductless mini-split systems consist of an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air-handling units, connected by a conduit. The conduit houses the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain. These systems work by extracting heat from inside your home and transferring it outside during cooling, and vice versa during heating. Each indoor unit can be controlled independently, allowing for customized comfort in different zones of your home.

    What are the benefits of using a ductless mini-split system?

    • Energy Efficiency: Ductless systems avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork.
    • Zone Control: Each unit can be controlled independently, allowing you to heat or cool specific areas as needed.
    • Easy Installation: Installation is less invasive than traditional HVAC systems, with only a small hole needed for the conduit.
    • Improved Air Quality: Many units have advanced filtration options, improving indoor air quality.
    • Flexibility: Suitable for a variety of applications, including homes without existing ductwork, room additions, or as a supplement to existing systems.

    How energy-efficient are ductless mini-split systems?

    Ductless mini-split systems are highly energy-efficient because they eliminate the energy losses associated with ductwork. Many models have high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings, indicating superior energy efficiency. Additionally, the ability to control each unit independently allows you to avoid heating or cooling unoccupied rooms, further reducing energy consumption.

    How do I determine the right size mini-split system for my home?

    To determine the right size mini-split system, consider the square footage of the area to be heated or cooled, the climate, insulation quality, and number of windows. A professional HVAC technician can perform a detailed load calculation to recommend the appropriate capacity for your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

    How often should I clean or replace the filters in my ductless mini-split system?

    Filters in ductless mini-split systems should be cleaned or replaced every 1 to 3 months, depending on usage and indoor air quality. Regular maintenance helps maintain efficient operation and good air quality. Homes with pets or high levels of dust may require more frequent filter maintenance.

    Can a ductless mini-split system both heat and cool my home?

    Yes, many ductless mini-split systems are designed to provide both heating and cooling. These systems use a heat pump to transfer heat between the indoor and outdoor units, allowing them to function as both air conditioners and heaters, providing year-round comfort.

    How much does it cost to install a ductless mini-split system?

    The cost to install a ductless mini-split system varies depending on factors such as the number of indoor units, the complexity of the installation, and the brand and model of the system. On average, installation costs can range from $3,000 to $7,000 for a single-zone system. Multi-zone systems will cost more, with prices increasing based on the number of zones and units.

    How long do ductless mini-split systems typically last?

    Ductless mini-split systems typically last between 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Regular servicing, including filter changes, cleaning, and inspections, can help extend the lifespan of the system and ensure reliable performance.

    What kind of maintenance do ductless mini-split systems require?

    Ductless mini-split systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes:

    • Cleaning or replacing filters every 1 to 3 months.
    • Checking and cleaning the outdoor unit to remove debris and ensure proper airflow.
    • Inspecting the refrigerant lines for leaks and ensuring proper refrigerant levels.
    • Professional annual maintenance to check all components and perform necessary adjustments.

    Are ductless mini-split systems noisy?

    Ductless mini-split systems are generally quieter than traditional HVAC systems. The indoor units produce minimal noise, often described as a low hum, and the outdoor units are designed to operate quietly. Noise levels vary by model, but most ductless systems are designed with noise reduction features to ensure a quiet and comfortable indoor environment.

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