Home Efficiency Tips from Ohio’s HVAC Experts

With energy costs fluctuating annually in Ohio, increasing your home’s efficiency saves money while providing better comfort. Your home’s HVAC system plays a significant role in energy efficiency, as heating and cooling account for over half of the average household’s annual energy bills. 

HVAC technicians recommend reducing energy usage substantially by optimizing your home’s insulation, air sealing, HVAC equipment maintenance, and thermostat settings. 


Insulation is a barrier between warm or cool indoor air and outside temperatures. Having adequate insulation levels for your region keeps conditioned air from escaping quickly. The  Department of Energy finds that upgrading to current insulation recommendations can save over  25% on home heating and cooling bills.

Dense-pack wall insulation may also help for homes with poorly insulated frame cavities. An energy assessment details your home’s exact insulation needs. 

Air Sealing 

Drafts from tiny openings surrounding windows, doors, pipes, wires, and more allow conditioned air to leak in and out constantly. Methodically caulking and sealing these gaps can reduce air leakage significantly. 

Weatherstripping doors and attic hatches also minimize uncontrolled flow between rooms or floors. Brush-style outlet gaskets behind wall plates stop airflow through electrical boxes as well. Maintaining proper ventilation is still essential for indoor air quality, however. 

Energy audits utilizing blower door tests can precisely measure existing air leaks and prioritize targeted sealing for your house.  

HVAC Maintenance 

Dirty air filters, refrigerant leaks, improper refrigerant charge levels, and other issues reduce the operating efficiency of HVAC components. Technicians recommend replacing filters monthly during peak seasons to maintain airflow. 

Annual professional maintenance checks detect leaks early, test refrigerant levels, verify safety switches function properly, clean parts prone to dirt buildup, and perform other essential reliability tasks. Well-maintained equipment lasts years longer than neglected HVAC systems in terms of lifespan and energy efficiency, as components gradually degrade without proper upkeep.  

Smart Thermostats  

Adjusting heating and cooling temperatures day or night from anywhere using your smartphone provides vastly more control. Smart thermostats learn household schedules and can auto-adjust, so you aren’t wasting money maintaining uncomfortable temperatures with no one home. Consider the tips experienced Yoder HVAC professionals share to make substantial dents in home energy expenditures. Minor upgrades and improved equipment maintenance make homes more comfortable while reducing carbon footprints. To determine the best efficiency investments for your house, have the technicians at Yoder HVAC perform an energy assessment. Contact us today to schedule your home heating and cooling evaluation!

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