AC Installations & Repairs in Columbus Ohio

Here at Yoder HVAC, our team is here to meet all your home or business’s AC needs. We offer premium services in AC system maintenance, replacements, residential and commercial installations, and more. Our customers in Columbus, Ohio keep coming back because they know our HVAC technicians are trained, certified, and experienced for any job, no matter how big or complex.

Yoder HVAC’s Guide to Choosing a New AC System

What kinds of systems can I choose from?

In the world of air conditioning, there are two types of AC systems available: split systems and packaged systems.

A split system is exactly what it sounds like: it involves placing the main components of the AC system on different parts of the property. The condenser and compressor are installed outside the building, and the evaporator is kept inside. For homes or businesses that already have a furnace installed, this is by far the most cost-effective option.

In contrast, a packaged system keeps all the parts of the AC system together; the evaporator, condenser, and compressor are all stored in the same metal box. Oftentimes, a packaged system is the slightly more expensive option, but it also means you don’t need to invest in a separate furnace.

If you have any questions about which type will work best for your property, don’t hesitate to contact the heating and cooling experts at Yoder HVAC!

Should I get a bigger unit just to be safe?

Our culture in the U.S. encourages the belief that bigger is better, but this is not true of AC units. While purchasing a larger unit may feel like the safer option, a unit that’s too large for your space will operate less efficiently. At Yoder HVAC, we can help you determine exactly what size you need for your home or business.

In addition to decreasing system efficiency, an oversized AC unit can cause your indoor air to feel more humid than it should. How is this possible? An oversized unit can create discomfort in your home or office by cooling the air without removing the humidity first. The result: the room cools down, but it still feels wet and sticky inside.

With all that in mind, how do you determine the right unit size for your Columbus property? The answer is obvious: call Yoder HVAC to get an expert opinion. We train our staff to inspect your property, run a load calculation, and make size recommendations accordingly.

How do I choose the most efficient AC unit?

The best way to judge an AC unit’s efficiency is the SEER rating. SEER is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Air conditioners made in the 1980s-2000s were typically designed with SEER ratings of 6-10, making them less efficient than newer models. Thanks to technological advancements, SEER ratings can be as high as 26.

The cheapest options available to you will have a minimum rating of 13 or 14. AC units at this level are cheaper to buy up front, but require more energy to run, which causes your energy bills to be higher over time. However, if you invest in units with a higher SEER rating, you’ll pay a higher price at first, but the savings on your energy bills will gradually help the unit pay for itself.

If you’re not sure what SEER rating you need, call Yoder HVAC, and we’ll help you calculate what level of efficiency is most cost-effective for you.

Premium Commercial & Residential HVAC Services in Columbus Ohio

Every homeowner in Columbus knows that when you own a house, something is always broken. When you work with Yoder HVAC, your AC unit will never be one of those things. We offer premier, top-of-the-line repairs, replacements, and installations to take the stress out of maintaining your house, so don’t hesitate to call!

Our technicians also specialize in commercial heating and cooling services in Columbus. If you own a business in Columbus or any of the surrounding areas, we can provide repairs, replacements, and installations tailored to multiple facility types, including offices, warehouses, apartment complexes, and more. Call Yoder HVAC today to learn more about what we can do for your company.

Whether you’re building a new home or a new company building, Yoder HVAC can work with you during construction. Regardless of whether the project is commercial or residential, we work side-by-side with the other contractors and strategically place your heating and cooling systems in the most practical configuration possible.

Yoder HVAC’s Top-Tier Replacement Services

How do home and business owners know when they need a replacement versus a repair? The answer is simple: if your heating and cooling system is 10 or more years old, your energy bill continues to rise even after multiple repairs, or you realize you’ve spent more on repairs than the system is worth, it’s time to call Yoder HVAC for a consultation.

The certified technicians at Yoder HVAC take multiple steps to ensure that you would truly benefit from a replacement system. We consult you about the issues your AC system is causing, conduct load calculations to see what system will best meet your needs, and provide estimates with no surprise costs or hidden fees.

A poorly executed replacement job can wreak havoc on your house or office building, leaving your rooms hot and your wallet drained. Luckily, when you invest in replacement services from Yoder HVAC, we make sure we do every part of the job right. We help you choose an AC system that matches your needs, seal and double-strap all the joints and connections, and take steps to prevent future bending or sagging in the duct work.

Expertly Executed AC System Installations

The team at Yoder HVAC can help you with two types of installations: installations in pre-existing buildings, and installations that occur during a home or building’s construction. Our technicians are skilled in both areas and will work to ensure your new heating and cooling system meets your needs.

When your current home or industrial building needs a new AC system, our technicians will inspect your current one, run any necessary tests, and walk you through multiple options that would suit your building’s size, age, level of insulation, etc.

Construction projects involve a lot of moving pieces, whether you’re building a new home or an industrial facility. No matter what you’re building, we work hard to align your air conditioning system with the other contractors’ plans to create the most efficient, long-lasting system possible.

Top 10 Most Common AC Issues for Columbus Homes & Businesses

How do you know when it’s time to call Yoder HVAC to service your air conditioning system? Here are the 10 most common signs that your AC needs the team at Yoder:

1. Your AC system won’t turn on

When this happens to you, check the thermostat’s batteries and see if you need to replace them; it’s the AC equivalent of turning your computer off and on again. Next, check your settings. If the screen tells you the AC is on, but you don’t feel air coming out of the vents, you may need to check and reset the circuit breaker. If your AC still won’t work after that, it’s high time to call Yoder HVAC to help.

If your vents are blowing lukewarm or hot air instead of cold, your air filter may be dirty. Dirty air filters can block the airflow and freeze up the condenser, which prevents your system from cooling things down efficiently. Changing an air filter is an easy fix, but if a clean filter doesn’t solve the problem, call Yoder HVAC today to address the root of the issue.

Lots of things can stop your AC from working: poor airflow, issues with the blower motor, low levels of coolant, the list goes on. Even a low external temperature can cause problems. Since all of these components should only be repaired by a professional, be sure to call Yoder HVAC as soon as you notice a problem with your heating and cooling system.

Leaking coolant can cause a serious decrease in your air conditioning system’s efficiency. Common causes of this problem include frozen coils and damaged compressors. The best way to prevent these problems from growing worse is to schedule regular routine maintenance; the sooner we find it, the sooner we keep it from becoming a problem.

Your air conditioning often makes strange noises when something is broken. For instance, a relay issue can lead to clicking sounds, leaking refrigerant causes hissing, and thumping comes from malfunctions with the motor assembly. Additionally, a buzzing sound may indicate faulty electrical components, and fan motors often screech when they break. Call Yoder HVAC right away if you notice any of these sounds.

When your system gets insufficient air flow, the evaporator coil gets so cold that it freezes up. Frozen evaporator coils can freeze your whole AC system. Faulty fans, blocked vents, or dirty air filters are all capable of causing air flow issues. No matter what the cause of the problem is, always call Yoder HVAC and stay away from the DIY approach.

Every part of your AC system, including your blower, compressor, and fan motor, needs electrical controls in order to work. When those electrical connections fail to work properly, your whole system shuts down. If your AC refuses to turn on and you think faulty wiring is the cause, bring in the experts from Yoder HVAC.

On hot, humid Ohio days, it’s normal for your AC unit to leak a little bit of water. Leaks can also occur when it’s cold outside. But if you notice that it’s leaking more than normal, it’s time to contact the team at Yoder HVAC. Whether the culprit is dirty filters, incorrect installation, blocked drains, or a broken condensate pan, our team has the tools and experience needed to solve the problem.

Just like your sink, the pipeline in your AC system can get clogged. Everything from dust to dirt to algae can gum up the pipeline, causing fungus or mold to grow in your unit. Even a small amount of mold is enough to cause unpleasant smells to waft from the vents into your home or business. If you notice a strange smell near your vents, you should call Yoder HVAC right away.

If you look near your evaporator coil, you’ll see the sensor that connects to your thermostat. When your thermostat sensor stops working, it’s no longer able to measure the current air temperature and make automatic adjustments. The result: your AC unit’s output is spotty and inconsistent. Luckily, the solution is simple: call Yoder HVAC to move the thermostat sensor back into place.

Why Customers Choose Yoder HVAC for Maintenance & Repairs

Home and business owners in Columbus know Ohio is famous for its humid summers. Since your AC system plays a crucial role in minimizing humidity and keeping your property cool, Yoder HVAC is dedicated to keeping your system in peak condition all summer long. The more regularly you call us for AC repairs and maintenance, the more efficient your system will be.

If you’re a home or business owner, and you start experiencing issues with your air conditioning system, you can rest easy knowing that Yoder HVAC is here to help. We specialize in everything from routine tune-ups to complicated repairs. Additionally, if we notice that your unit is having frequent, repeated problems that drain your budget, we can advise you on suitable replacements.

The Yoder HVAC team is proud to offer top-notch repair services to Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding communities. Our technicians are second to none in skill and experience, and they perform every inspection and repair with the highest quality of customer service.

Yoder HVAC: Local Heating & Cooling Services from a Local Company

What makes Yoder HVAC the best AC service provider in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding communities?

Our business is based locally in Columbus, Ohio, and most of our staff lives in and around the community. What does that mean for you? It means that since we live in the community, we provide excellent service because we’re your friends and neighbors.

Investing in services from Yoder HVAC means you receive well-executed installations, maintenance, and repairs, plus excellent customer service. We provide every home and business owner the best possible experience so that you always know you can trust us.

We firmly believe that everyone in the Columbus community deserves the best possible AC systems and associated services. No matter what Ohio’s weather decides to do next, we make sure your home or office stays comfortable 24/7.

If you have any questions for our AC experts, you can call today and schedule a consultation. We’ll answer questions over the phone, come to your property, run tests, and provide expert solutions that keep your property cool and comfortable.

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