Yoder HVAC Heat Pump Services

The technicians and specialists at Yoder HVAC are here to provide you with a wide range of heat pump services. Heat pumps are an integral part of keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter. We do whatever is necessary to make sure your heat pump works for you.

An old or damaged heat pump can lead to serious discomfort in your home or office. The moment it stops working, you lose the comfort you need to stay comfortable at home or focused at work. That’s why Yoder HVAC has built a team of certified experts with significant skills and experience.

Whether you need to repair, replace, or install a heat pump in your home or business, Yoder HVAC is dedicated to providing you with swift, well-executed heating and cooling services and the highest quality of customer service.

Why does routine maintenance matter?

It makes your heat pump more efficient

Nothing protects the efficiency of your heat pump quite like regularly scheduled maintenance. The technicians at Yoder can do it all: change the air filters, dust the coils, realign the thermostat’s sensor, and more.

By catching these seemingly small problems early on, the team at Yoder prevents them from causing serious emergencies later. The result: you spend less money on major repairs, and your heat pump runs so efficiently that your energy bill stays as low as possible.

It helps your heat pump last longer

By taking good care of your heat pump, you allow your system to take good care of you, your home, and your business.

When you call Yoder HVAC to do regular maintenance on your heat pump, we can identify and replace broken components or other issues right away, which extends the life span of your system. These routine repairs add up over time to keep your system running well for as many years as possible.

The short-term expense leads to long-term savings

Routine maintenance goes far beyond guaranteeing that you’re comfortable; it prevents you from spending hundreds of dollars on emergency repairs. That means you can feel both physically and financially comfortable during both heat waves and blizzards.

Maintenance from Yoder HVAC also helps you save another important commodity: time. Whether your heat pump is in your home or your business, making the phone call, setting the appointment, consulting the technician, and paying the invoice take up the time you would rather devote to your family or to your employees. Call Yoder HVAC today to prevent problems that could happen tomorrow!

Why Yoder HVAC is Your Best Choice for Heat Pump Services

In Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding service area, Yoder HVAC is the expert in local heat pump services. Our first-time customers quickly become regulars because we promise excellent service and deliver it every time.

From the moment you call Yoder HVAC to the moment we finish your project, we work hard to give you both premium service and peace of mind. If you need a large-scale installation, a simple residential repair, or any other heat pump services in Columbus Ohio, you can rely on the technicians at Yoder HVAC every step of the way.

Premier Heat Pump Maintenance, Replacements, & Installations

At this point, you may be asking yourself the question, “What does Yoder HVAC mean when they call themselves a premier service provider?” The answer is simple: we make sure that when you invest in our top-tier services, you feel confident in your choice.

When you invest in premier heating and cooling services from Yoder HVAC, we ensure that you receive the best possible workmanship from technicians who have been in this industry for years. It also means we never leave you on hold, always answer your questions, and follow up with you to ensure you’re satisfied with the quality of our work.

Signs Your Heat Pump Requires Maintenance

This is often the most obvious symptom that something has gone wrong with your heat pump. Any number of issues can cause this to happen, but we recommend against the DIY approach; call Yoder HVAC immediately and leave the troubleshooting to the professionals.

This is another common sign that something is malfunctioning in your heat pump. If you notice that the temperature doesn’t change no matter how much you adjust the thermostat, call us to resolve the problem and restore the comfort of your home.

If your heat pump is old or damaged, you may notice that even when it’s switched on, it doesn’t heat or cool your property as well as it should. By calling Yoder HVAC right away, you can make sure your heat pump receives the maintenance it needs.

Did you know that it’s possible for your heat pump to work too hard? This happens when some part of your system is malfunctioning, causing the rest of the system to overcompensate. When this happens, you may notice that your energy bill is unusually high, even though you haven’t changed how much you use your system.

If you notice your energy bills are becoming much higher than normal, there’s one simple, tool-free test you can run, as long as your heat pump’s ducts are exposed: hold your hand over the joints where they connect, and see if you can feel any air leaking out of them. If you feel air rushing out, we recommend calling us as soon as possible to stop the leak.

What makes your heat pump stop working?

Just like with a traditional HVAC system, it’s important to change your air filters as frequently as your HVAC technician tells you to. Over-clogged air filters go beyond causing your vents to blow dust throughout your home or business; they partially block the air flow, which forces your heat pump to overwork itself to reach the temperature you set.

Fortunately, checking your air filter is easy: take it out and hold it up to a light. If you can’t see the light through it, it’s time to clean or replace it.

The contactor is the part of your heat pump that allows electricity to flow through the rest of the system’s components. When the contactor breaks, it causes your heat pump to run constantly, which can seriously increase your energy bill.

This repair is too complex for DIY methods, so if you believe the contactor is damaged, be sure to call Yoder HVAC’s heating and cooling experts.

Just like everything else in your home or company, your heat pump can get dusty. Over time, the dust can build up on the coils of your heat pump and cause it to run less efficiently. To keep your heat pump running as smoothly as possible, Yoder HVAC suggests dusting the coils every two months.

Leaking refrigerant is another issue that can hamper your heat pump’s effectiveness. The refrigerant is what lets the heat transfer in and out of your home. Low refrigerant levels cause low heat pump efficiency.

When the refrigerant starts to leak, it can cause your heat pump to both overwork and underperform. This is too complex of a repair for DIY methods, so it’s important to call Yoder HVAC right away.

The wrong size of heat pump for your house or office can decrease the system’s efficiency, even if every component is in perfect condition. Before you choose your next heat pump, always consult Yoder HVAC about what size would best suit your needs.

Sometimes, the problem isn’t your heat pump; it’s the thermostat. If you come to adjust the thermostat and see that the display is blank or the buttons are unresponsive, that’s a sign something has gone wrong.

Be sure to check the thermostat’s batteries, reset the circuit breaker, and look to see if you’ve blown a fuse. If you try all of these things and get no results, it’s time to call Yoder HVAC.

Your heat pump has two units: indoor and outdoor. Each one has its own switch, and one may have gotten turned off by mistake.

The capacitor is the component that provides power to your heat pump. Without a functioning capacitor, your heat pump can’t turn on at all.

How can you tell if your capacitor is the issue? All you have to do is listen. If you hear a clicking noise when you try to turn on your system, that’s a sure sign that the capacitor is broken. Be sure not to attempt to fix the capacitor yourself; if you’re not a trained and certified HVAC technician, you run the risk of electrocution. Always call Yoder HVAC to make this repair for you!

If you have a ducted heat pump, a closed or blocked register can cause a decrease in efficiency. Check the registers to make sure no furniture, boxes, etc. are blocking them, and if that doesn’t resolve the issue, call Yoder HVAC immediately.

The reversing valve is another essential component of your heat pump. When this part breaks, your heat pump may lose half of its functionality. For example, your heat pump may heat your property, but not cool it. It can also happen the other way around. Regardless of what goes wrong with your reversing valve, Yoder HVAC is here to help.

Your heat pump’s external unit has an important job: to expel hot air from your home. If there are things stacked on or around it, vining plants have grown around it, etc. the best thing you can do is remove it all and keep the area as clear as possible.

Sometimes, the issue is neither the heat pump nor the thermostat. It’s the sensor that connects the thermostat to your heat pump. When this part is damaged or knocked out of alignment, your thermostat stops accurately gauging the temperature, causing your property to get too hot or too cold. Fortunately, when you call Yoder Electric, we can resolve the problem and get the sensor back in working order.

Financing Options for Heat Pump Services

Just like the other systems that keep your property running, your heat pump may break down whether or not you can afford the expense. This causes many Columbus home and business owners to delay calling Yoder HVAC and deal with months of discomfort and inconvenience while they save up.

Fortunately, Yoder HVAC has a solution. We offer financing options that let you pay what you can afford now, then slowly pay off the rest later. We understand that heat pump repairs, replacements, and installations can be a serious investment, and we want to make the expense of it manageable.

We make financing as easy as possible for our clients; all you have to do is fill out the form, and call our team if you have any questions.

Emergency Repairs for Damaged Heat Pumps

At Yoder HVAC, we offer emergency heating and cooling services to home and business owners in the Columbus, Ohio area. No matter what causes your heat pump to stop working, we can send a technician to you ASAP within normal business hours.

When you call the team at Yoder, we provide you with emergency services as quickly as possible. We work hard to diagnose the issue and get your heat pump working correctly again. No matter how complex the problem is, you can trust our highly experienced technicians to take care of your heat pump.

The best part about emergency services is that investing in them now will save you money in the long run. By calling us to minimize the damage and implement solutions immediately, you prevent the problem from getting worse and creating even more expenses for you to deal with.

Have questions? Need a professional? Call Yoder HVAC in Columbus today!

Whether you need an emergency repair or an answer to a simple question, our heating and cooling professionals are always here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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