Timing is Everything: When to Evaluate Your Heating Needs

Sometimes, there is no obvious sign you should change your property’s heating requirements. However, it’s not just a broken heating system that can signal that an assessment is needed. Other situations suggest it is time to make alterations to your current setup. 

To ensure your heating system lowers your energy bills and keeps you cozy year-round, this guide highlights vital signs to watch out for when assessing your heating needs. 

Unusual Noises 

Even a healthy, modern heating system will make the occasional noise or two. That’s natural. What isn’t natural, however, is when these noises ramp up in frequency and turn into strange sounds. When either of these two points occurs, that could mean there’s something wrong with your heating system. 

Bangs, rattles, and squeals are the noises that may indicate an issue. Your heating system’s motor or blower system could be struggling if it is banging or rattling, while the latter could also suggest the fan’s motor is in trouble. Squeals and screeches are associated with compressor-related issues. 

Energy Bills Keep Going Up 

Yes, energy bills are naturally increasing due to the cost of living. Yet, if your bills are going up at an alarming rate, it might be due to an underperforming heating system. The reason is simple: as systems age, their energy efficiency decreases. As they have to put in more effort to keep your home heated, those utility costs start creeping further up.

With a modern heating system, you can make significant savings on your energy bills. This means it can be a savvy long-term investment and one of the main reasons to assess your current heating situation. 

Temperature Shifts 

If the temperature differs across your home, where it could be warm in one room and cold in another, it could suggest a problem with your heating system. The same can be said if you have to change the thermostat regularly to achieve your desired temperature. 

However, even if you are dealing with either of these concerns, don’t be quite so hasty in changing your system just yet. Temperature shifts might be due to inadequate insulation around your windows and doors. 

Frequent Repairs Needed

In many situations, fixing your heating system without calling in the professionals is possible. However, even minor repairs can be a sign you need to invest in a new system, particularly if you need to solve problems multiple times through the year. 

Generally, the older the heating system, the more likely problems will crop up. A well-maintained, quality system will typically last approximately 15 to 20 years. As a result, if your heating solution is in that age range – or fast approaching it – this could be a sign to assess your current situation. Even if problems are not apparent now, you never know when they could strike. 

If you require assistance with your heating needs, get in touch today. Our experts at Yoder HVAC will be able to offer advice and guidance on which path to take, as well as perform a thorough assessment of your current heating system. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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