Tips for Taking Care of Your Heat Pump

There are many advantages gained from owning a heat pump. Low running costs, year-round efficiency, and ease of control are why many homeowners install a heat pump system. However, you can only continue to enjoy these benefits if you take care of your heat pump. 

The good news is that only a minimal amount of work is required from a maintenance point of view. Yet, if you want to see your heat pump last up to 30 years or longer, here are some steps you should take regularly. 

Cleaning the Heat Pump

To ensure your heat pump continues to operate as expected, there are specific cleaning tasks you should perform. One of the most important is to focus on the heat pump’s filters. These should be cleaned when needed. Alternatively, you may swap out the filters as part of your maintenance efforts. This task should be done every month. 

Inspect the fans and coils to see if they require any cleaning. It’s essential to prevent airflow blockage, so you should check for possible debris that has gathered, such as dust and leaves. The supply and return registers within your home should also be part of your cleaning schedule. 

Check the Fan Blades 

There are various vital components involved for a heat pump to function optimally. The fan blades are among the most critical. As a result, you should pay careful attention to check if the fan blades are still in prime condition. 

To do this correctly, you should first power off the heat pump. After all, you won’t be able to inspect the fan blades while they operate! Once switched off, take the time to see if the blades have suffered any potential damage. You can also use this as an opportunity to clean the fan blades. 

Maintain Airflow 

Airflow can be impacted if there is an overgrowth of shrubs or other greenery around the heat pump. Due to this, you must keep all of this pruned back if necessary. No shrubs should exist within an 18-inch radius of the heat pump. This not only allows for the heat pump to gain proper airflow but it also makes it easily accessible for servicing. 

Receive Professional Servicing from Yoder HVAC

We highly recommend that your heat pump receives professional servicing annually. A professional will perform an in-depth heat pump audit, thoroughly inspecting all the components. They can identify potential issues that the average homeowner wouldn’t spot. 

A professional inspection includes many different checks. Trained experts check for leakages and patch any leaks they find. They will also measure pressure and refrigerant levels. Motors and moving belts are also lubricated and checked for possible damage. 

Contact us today if you need a professional to inspect your heat pump. Yoder HVAC helps many homes and businesses ensure their heat pump is in optimum shape. 

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