Yoder HVAC: Our Expert Approach to Water Heater Replacement

Dealing with a faulty water heater can be stressful. Rising energy bills, inconsistent water temperatures, visible rust, or leaks around your tank indicate that a replacement might be in order. Before the problem magnifies, it’s crucial to take the right action.

While the idea of a DIY replacement might tempt some homeowners, this is different from changing a light bulb or fixing a leaky faucet. Water heater replacement involves a unique blend of plumbing and electrical skills, and a simple mistake could lead to significant issues or even safety hazards. Here’s a look at the thorough process our experts at Yoder HVAC follow:

1. Disconnecting Water and Power Safely

Our initial step involves meticulously ensuring the water supply and the power sources—electric or gas—are safely and completely turned off. This step not only paves the way for a smooth process but also ensures that there are no risks of accidents during the replacement.

2. Professional Tank Drainage 

Rather than just attaching a hose, our technicians employ advanced techniques and equipment to guarantee that the tank is thoroughly drained. This detailed process prevents any possible water damage to your surroundings, safeguarding your property throughout the procedure.

3. Disconnecting Water and Power Lines

The expertise of our team truly shines here. Depending on your current setup, there might be union, compression fittings, or soldered connections. Our team has hands-on experience with all these types and ensures each is disconnected without causing damage to adjacent fixtures or pipes.

4. Installing Your New Unit

Transporting and placing a water heater demands more than just muscle—it requires skill. Our professionals use specialized tools, like a robust appliance dolly, to ensure they can move the water heater without damaging it. Moreover, when positioning the new unit, we meticulously ensure alignment with existing connections to guarantee optimal functioning.

5. Ensuring Safe Installation

The safety of your household is always our top priority. To ensure the heater remains stable, especially in regions prone to external disturbances like earthquakes, our team uses specific fixtures and techniques to secure it firmly in its place. This proactive approach ensures both durability and safety.

6. The Finishing Touches for Seamless Operation

Once our team safely completes the previous steps, they carefully examine and install every component, from the discharge drainpipe to the crucial TPR valve. After setting up, our team fills the tank, checks for any discrepancies, and ensures the heater operates at its peak performance, providing you with a hassle-free experience from the start.

Given the intricate nuances and potential hazards in the water heater replacement process, we always advocate for expert intervention. Trusting professionals like Yoder HVAC ensures effective service and peace of mind. If your water heater shows signs of wear and tear, don’t hesitate to contact us and let our expertise work for you!

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